Access Control & Time & Attendance can be considered the representative areas among the application areas of fingerprint recognition technology. The existing methods using keys or passwords have the problems of loss, theft, and forgetfulness. The representative technology that can overcome these problems is the bio-metric technology, and fingerprint recognition technology in particular has excellent convenience of use and economical efficiency, making it the area with the fastest growth.

Although in the early days of the market it was formed centered around laboratories or specialized facilities of ordinary companies, recently the application area has become extremely broad as not only security but convenience of use got emphasized, with areas of application in ordinary companies, factories, and apartments. As fingerprint recognition access control system doesn’t have the troublesome problem of re issuance due to loss or the burden of carrying around keys or cards, its demand is increasing every day in the access control and time & attendance areas, Through relentless efforts in R&D, and responding dynamically to demands from the bio-metric security market, NITGEN is rapidly becoming the leader in bio-metric application technology markets. NITGEN has developed , and now offers, advanced bio-metric authentication solutions, which would not have been possible without the core technologies for fingerprint recognition solutions that NITGEN offered.

  • The NITGEN sensor has been optimally designed with Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection (SEIR)
  • Fast recognition speed,
  • Highly accurate recognition ratio, and excellent recognition capability