VIVOTEK was founded in Taiwan in 2000, and has become a leading brand in the global IP surveillance industry. Its comprehensive solutions include network cameras, video servers, network video recorders, PoE solutions, and video management software. Through the growing proliferation of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IoT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio.VIVOTEK has their presence in the United States (California), Europe (Netherlands), India (Delhi), Middle East (Dubai), and Latin America (Mexico). To create a sound industrial ecosystem, VIVOTEK has expanded strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners and works with over 183 authorized distributors across 116 countries.

VIVOTEK is firmly committed to the continued development of outstanding network cameras featuring a range of megapixel resolutions, camera dimensions, advanced technologies and value-added video analytic functions in order to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of applications. VIVOTEK Network Cameras allows users to truly achieve unobstructed monitoring of wide, open areas such as airport terminals, shopping malls, retail stores, train stations, offices, and more.

  • Wide Range of solution in IP Surveillance.
  • ¬†Globally recognized brand from Taiwan
  • Video Surveillance and Business Intelligence on One Single VIVOTEK IP Camera
  • High Level of Accuracy
  • Real-Time Analytics and Viewing
  • Direct Access via Web-Service
  • Adaptable Applications
  • Easy Configuration
  • Embedded Application in Camera