What is the Problem?

Perimeter security is slowly diminishing as new technologies such as cloud, mobile and IoT are implemented. With the number of devices connected, it is predicted to reach more than 50 billion in 2020 and the workforce will require  24/7 protection on any device. Due to this reason enterprises have been thrown off guard and a lack of footing has made security a Business Problem.

Why is it a Problem?

Basically the longer an attack goes undetected the higher the risk it is to the business. What is important is for your workplace is to have the right rapid response and remedial processes in play.

Where did it go wrong?

In order to protect our organization we would have a large collection of tools that are implemented that don’t inter operate. Due to this reason organization lack the overall visibility that is required to combat modern day threats. Ask yourself, does your current landscape stop known threats? may be it does, but does it help you protect against new unknown attacks?

What You Need Our Active Cyber Defence & Response
Log Management and Monitoring 24×7 Monitoring
Threat Detection Log Management
Incident Response Services Integrated Security Solutions
Malware Analysis and Forensics Over the edge intelligence
Service Management and Reporting Skilled SOC Team
Extensive Vulnerability Management Certified Security Professionals
Threat Intelligence Services


Intelligence Driven SOC’S

With a strong combination of big data infrastructure, comprehensive visibility, high powered analytics and integrated intelligence,DPIT can design, implement, monitor and update security technology within a client environment through the development of an intelligence driven SOC offering.

Build your own SOC

The DPIT advance SOC Model incorporate detection, response, threat hunting, intel sharing and data science together in order to ensure your organization is fully protected. With the overall objective of establishing a fusion framework of People, Processes and Technology the SOC we build will provide your organization with visibility across all networks.

Managed Services

As cyber security grows more critical and complex to manage and operate, Our well-equipped range of end  to end managed services have been designed to meet evolving cyber security challenges.

The intelligence driven Multi tenants Manage SOC model collaborates advanced data analysis to enterprise security. This model was implemented to give organizations the opportunity to identify and counter threats at a minimum cost and most importantly with minimal disruption to their system. This flexible model has proven to integrate all necessary components to establish a highly effective out of the box SOC.

SOC Consultancy Services

While the demands of the current business environment intensifying, many organizations are struggling with their IT infrastructure.

We investigate existing security topology and identify capability gaps, to design an appropriate Security Operations Centre to meet business demands and security requirements.

We can enhance or revamp existing Security Operations Centre capabilities and ensure the Centre is meeting its operational requirements and outputs.

We provide real time monitoring and event analysis at the heart of the Security Operations Centre, offering a variety of support and staffing options moving forward.

We will embed policy and procedure to define best practice, meet compliance levels and ensure a successful foundation.